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During my recent trip to Africa, from La Marsa on the Mediterranean coast in Tunisia to Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso in Burkina Faso, the country of upright people at the heart of West Africa; two countries whose latest history reveals the strength of an Africa in the midst of change, I could meet with a resilient youth determined to be a key player of its own future by further raising its voice.

Africa is a continent of over 60 percent (60%) active youth. At Afrise Inc we are happy to believe in the potential of African youth. We are accordingly committed to harnessing this energy in order to create opportunities for local people to thrive. I am rightly pleased that “Building the Future of Africa” remains the motto of Afrise Inc.

In these times of the global pandemic of the coronavirus disease, our lifestyles and habits are totally turned upside down. It is high time for us to rethink new ways of doing, being and living. I am convinced, as human beings have demonstrated this in the past, that we will be able to adapt and redefine our common future.

Allow me to wish you a healthy, joyful and prosperous existence in peace for this New Year 2022.